Analysis Details:- It appears this website has had some negative online reviews and you should look into their online reputation to check the validity of the comments/reviews. Try searching on google for ‘ reviews’ for further information.

This site has a high risk country associated with it. This may be as you expect but care should be taken if purchasing an item from a site that you didn’t expect to be associated with the countries listed above. Certain countries are online essay listed as being high risk because of the high percentage of online fraud or tendency to send fake/replica items.

Free email addresses have been Pills used in the setup of this website. This is not necesarily worrying, depending on the site. For online shops, this can be a sign that the site has some risk Michael Dougherty A� Greenfield-Central High School If your looking for some one to pay to chat with findbride is great. If you are looking for a real relationship go somewhere else. All you will get here is a lighter wallet! Like A� Reply A� Oct 21, 2016 4:59pm

P James St Clair I can’t seem to find her profile but there at least WAS one woman on find-bride who is a prostitute. I saw her profile on a Kiev escort website. I know not all online escorts are prostitutes but the profile detailed what sexual services she offered. My trust in that site shot way down. Also, I have gotten letters from one woman’s profile with another woman’s picture and name attached. Like A� Reply A� Apr 23, 2016 3:49am

Scott Gouge A� Covington, Georgia For sure if u like chat this is the site for you, but as others remarked its a bit suspicious how fast they claim to want to move to USA or have you chat which of course isnt free. Looks like a place to be VERY careful of. Like A� Reply A� Jan 24, 2016 2:26am

James Morgan A� ?????�N?N�???�??????N?N�N? at Internet Marketing It has many women`s profiles which I read on about 3 years ago…..same details and photos as then,several of whom I cheap menosan himalaya was communicating with….the funny thing is that none of them know or remember me,so obviously,I wasn`t talking to the actual women who`s photos were listed…scam through and through. I`ll check out live and love though. Thanks for that,Jamie Like A� Reply A� Dec 27, 2015 10:34am

Jamie Martin Live and love with the best dating Site. This site is the best site for meeting match on the planet. It is very affordable compared to others sites and the women here are so beautiful, bright, intelligent, and caring! I had visited about 7 other sites before and I will never use them again. Because this site is the best. There are a lot of girls who are write to me. I have met a beautiful lady on this website five mounth ago and Buy I had a really nice time with her. Ia��m waiting her to visit me this September. We are happy to find each other. Find-Bride please keep things as they are. Like A� Reply A� Sep 1, 2015 9:53pm A� Edited

Amohi Bastan A� Riding instructor at Make Love For Peace my profile on find bride com: Children 7 children sometimes living with me Want children Yes Date of birth 1960 Height 6’0″ how much cefadroxil – 6’1″ (181-185cm) Body type Very Cuddly Ethnicity East Indian Religion Zoroastrian Marital status Divorced Occupation Sponsor…See More Like A� Reply A� Aug 29, 2015 7:09pm

Richard Michels A� Chaplain,Fire/Resque at Lakeland Fire Department the site is a total SCAM! I travel for a living and in emailing two woman here I wanted to arrange meetings with them as I was going to Ukraine BOTH woman denied meeting me saying they were going to come to me in the US and not to bother spending money to come there. After explaining that I was going there for work and not costing me a dime. They both insisted not to meet them and wait for them to come to me in NY! TOTAL waste of money and very embarrassing to say the least! Like A� Cheap Reply A� Jun 25, 2015 7:29pm

P James St Clair I wish I had known this some time ago. Thanks for posting Buy it. Live and learn. I’m just glad I didn’t spend too much or fall too hard for anyone. Like A� Reply A� Apr 23, 2016 3:59am

Tatiiana Bradu A� Director economic at Firma privata this site is a SCAM , in real life all girl not even heard about this site. They use information stolen by cialis on line contrassegno Facebook or (?�?s????N�?�??N�?�)where that girls postet many pictures and of course personal data. Like A� Reply A� 1 A� Dec 26, 2014 7:34pm

hunterlf123 Find Bride is a total SCAM the women will never talk to you off line and you will never meet them. They post pictures that are photo shop enhanced. The objective of these women is to bombard you with email which cost you to read and if you want to respond it cost you as well. Chatting costs you and the women bombard you in the chat room with mostly SEXUAL comments. Like A� Reply A� 1 A� Nov 25, 2014 8:52pm

Kitrick Purchase Short A� Lincoln High School (Portland, Oregon) it does not cost to read there letters Like A� Reply A� Dec 14, 2016 2:00pm

Mark Alan Hart A� Works at Retired/Disabled is the same untrustworthy site it is all a scam. Like A� Reply A� 2 A� Jun 21, 2014 viagra professional online kaufen 8:56pm

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